Mission and Vision 

The Journal of Science and Technology – JST – is a scientific publishing organization in Vietnam in the fields of science and technology. The journals published by JST include original research works in the field of engineering with internationally oriented interdisciplinary content. The Journal aims at connecting the scientists in the same fields, to share knowledge within and across disciplines, to create new scientific and socio-economic values by selecting valuable articles. By connecting honorable scientists from different institutions to act in the Editorial Committee and reviewers in a double review process, the Journal strives for a rapid and quality feedback for authors, aiming for a high standard of publication results.  

The Journal of Science and Technology contributes to promoting training, scientific research and technology transfer through key functions including: 

  • Prestigious forum for information exchange and academic criticism. 
  • Establishing scientific prestige of scientists and scientific organizations. 
  • Scientific reference and citation data for research and application. 


Articles published with JST are original research journal articles, covering various advanced research fields. Since 2020, the scope for publications is reorganized to reflect the research trends and advancement in the engineering technology fields. 

  • Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development: 
  • Smart Systems and Devices  


The Journal of Science & Technology of Technical Universities, referred to as Journal of Science & Technology, was first started as the newsletter of Science and Technology. 

On 10.06.1995, in the spirit of cooperation, support and development in the field of teaching, training and scientific research between the technical universities, the meeting between the leaders of the universities, including Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Da Nang University, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Thu Duc Technical Pedagogical University, has made an agreement to change the newsletter of Science and Technology to Journal of Science and Technology which will be published periodically hosted by Hanoi University of Science and Technology. By December 13, 1995, the Journal of Science and Technology of the Technical Universities has been officially approved  by the Ministry of Culture and Information. After a period of operation, three new institutions namely Thai Nguyen University, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, University of Economic and Technical Industries have joined the system, bringing the total number of members to seven. 

Through over 20 years of continuous operation, the journal has published over 100 issues of more than 2,000 articles, contributed to the cause of training and fostering scientific research of the universities and scientific institutions nationwide, as well as strengthen the ties with international scientific organizations. 

ISSN Registration 

The journal has registered the following ISSN. 

  • ISSN 0868-3980: Journal of Science and Technology - valid for issues until March 2015 (No. 1-104) 
  • ISSN 2354-1083: Journal of Science and Technology - valid for issues until November 2020 (No. 105-147) 
  • ISSN 2734-9381: JST: Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development - valid for issues from March 2021 (No. 148 - ) 
  • ISSN 2734-9373: JST: Smart Systems and Devices - valid for issues from May 2021 (No. 150 - ) 

General Instructions and Guidelines 

JST follows a strict and high standard quality manuscript selection. The manuscripts should carry the topic within the scope of the journal and should be prepared according to current international standard. Only when the format of the manuscript is suitable, it will go through a double blind peer review process. The final conclusion for publication by the Editorial Board is based on the originality, the contributions of the work and the presentations of the methods and the results in the manuscript. 


Date Published: 20/01/2024


Effects of Hybrid Diffuser in Axial-Flow Jet Engine Combustor
Cong-Truong Dinh, Trong-Nghia Hoang, Xuan-Truong Le, Van-Minh Le, Phuong-Nam Nguyen
PDF Cite
Page: 1-8
Effect of Nozzle Travel Path Strategies on the Mechanical Properties of Inconel 625 Superalloy Parts Formed by Direct Laser Metal Deposition
Duong.Van Nguy, Trinh. Quang Hung, Doan.Tat Khoa
PDF Cite
Page: 9-18
Utilizing Coffee Husk Biochar as an Effective Adsorbent for Ammonium Removal in Groundwater
Dai Quyet Truong, Van Phu Pham, Le Minh Tran, Tien Vinh Nguyen
PDF Cite
Page: 26-33
Assessment of Free Chlorine Residual and Microbiological Parameters in Supply Water of Centralized Supply Water Companies in Vietnam
Le Thai Ha, Do Vu Khanh Huyen, Nguyen Phuong Hang, Do Phuong Hien, Nguyen Thi Quynh Mai, Luu Minh Loan, Nguyen Thi Ha
PDF Cite
Page: 34-41
Characteristics of Microplastics in Sediment at Danang Beaches - Vietnam
Dang Thi Thom, Bui Van Hoi, Duong Tuan Manh, Le Xuan Thanh Thao, Nguyen Duy Thanh, Loc Van Ky, Ha Trong Hao, Tran Thi Hang, Do Van Manh
PDF Cite
Page: 42-48
Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Phytoplankton-Zooplankton Model Under Temperature Factor and Stage-Structure Population of Phytoplankton
Nguyen Phuong Thuy, Cao Thi Phuong, Van Duc An, Nguyen Duc Anh
PDF Cite
Page: 49-56
Evaluating the Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact of a Multi-Chamber Brick Kiln in Vietnam
Pham Thai Son, Truong Tuan Ngoc, Nguyen Van Thu, Nguyen Xuan Quang
PDF Cite
Page: 57-64
Study on Decision Support Tool Towards Circular Economy Practice - A Case Study for Electronics Companies
Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet, Tran Thanh Chi, Tran Duc Nghiep
PDF Cite
Page: 65-73